Investing in communities – Solar Lights

Technology can be a powerful force for social and economic inclusion and for addressing the many challenges facing our communities. A big issue in Kenya is the lack of light on our roads, due inexistent facilities, blackouts, or lack of resurces. Bluegate Business Solutions LTD, following our societal objective of the common good, has reinvested 20% of 2018’s profit to create and provide a high quality Solar Street Lights product.
At the moment, 165 Bluegate solar street lights have been distributed and installed in that communities or areas of most need.

“African countries must think outside the box. The sun is free and inexhaustible. Solar technology — photovoltaic panels — converts the sun’s radiation directly into electricity with no pollution or damage to the environment. The panels can generate enough power to run stoves, pump water, light clinics and power televisions. Africa has one of the best climates for this type of energy,”
Mr. Garai Makokoro, director of the Energy Technology Institute in Zimbabwe

60w Bluegate Solar Street Light