Bluegate Upcycle program – Environment

For decades, the “reuse, reduce, recycle” mantra has taught us that the best way to dispose of plastic bottles is to toss them into a recycling bin — but at Bluegate we think there’s a better way to do things. Instead of sending plastic bottles off to a recycling plant, why not figure out a way to ‘upcycle’ them and make something useful?

In an effort to encourage upcycling, Bluegate Business Solutions transforms bottles into useful and beautiful pots and turn any plastic bottle into a very strong, versatile rope.

This way not only reduces the amount of plastic to be managed or burned, but also we reinvest the benefits in reforesting KENYA by planting new trees in collaboration with private  organizations and NGOs

What is Compost?

Gardeners and farmers add compost to soil to improve its physical properties. They may even use compost instead of soil to grow plants. Mature compost is a stable material with a content called humus that is dark brown or black and has a soil-like, earthy smell.



Compost is created by:

  • Combining organic wastes, such as wasted food, yard trimmings, and manures, in the right ratios into piles, rows, or vessels.
  • Adding bulking agents such as wood chips, as necessary to accelerate the breakdown of organic materials; and
  • Allowing the finished material to fully stabilize and mature through a curing process.