Madini Africa, sustainability and transparency in Minerals market

Madini means “minerals” in Swahili. Madini Africa is a marketplace for purchasing/selling tracked/verified metals/minerals and related services from Africa, developed in Kenya by Bluegate Business Solutions LTD.

It aim to represents the best for all in the African industry (including miners, refiners, traders, manufacturers, designers, makers, as well as retailers) and our vision is to build transparent minerals supply chains, regulated transactions, and people responsibly lead by example across the sector towards greater ethical sourcing, trust, and sustainability.

At Madini, we believe BlockChain has the potential to powerfully disrupt many aspects of how Mineral Markets work, and provide trust, transparency, and security to the supply chain. This includes artisans and small-scale miners being part of our inclusive value chain that underpin human health, wellbeing, livelihoods, jobs and sustainable growth.

TraceChain is a hybrid digital protocol designed to be flexible, adaptable, accessible and lightweight, with a focus on solving real world economic problems. TraceChain, a startup focusing on supply chain management, has been deploying blockchain technology to record the detailed history of products in order to provide a quick and easy way for consumers and relevant parties to verify their authenticity. Meta-transaction features native to the blockchain’s core protocol, such as multi-party payment, multi-task transaction, controllable transaction lifecycle, transaction dependency, make the development more user-friendly for enterprise adoption.

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Madini Africa