Bluegate collaborates with Haki Madini in Tanzania

HakiMadini is rights based not for profit organization with a mission to advance the rights of marginalized Tanzanians through research, education and development projects
HakiMadini essentially started as a reaction to the human rights abuses that were occurring during late 1990s in mining communities.

Bluegate Business Solutions LTD through its project Madini Africa is humbled to collaborate with Haki Madini to support and promote the activities of this important organization. Haki Madini focus on Policy reform, research, education and development projects, and direct engagement with policy makers, artisanal and small-scale miners, and mining affected communities.

They focus on strengthening voices, connecting various stakeholders for collective engagement, and working together to protect the rights of small scale mining communities, ensuring transparency and accountability and that Tanzanian’s benefit from a pro poor mining sector.