Business in (and from) Africa


is a key territory on the global map. Rich in oil and natural resources, the continent holds a strategic position.
Africa is the world’s fastest-growing region for foreign direct investment.

It has approximately 30 percent of the earth’s remaining mineral resources.

Sub-Saharan Africa has six of the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies.

China’s technical competencies and industrial experiences can help Africa to build an effective industrial economy, while African resources and commodity potential can help sustain China’s manufacturing sectors.

East Africa and China

Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) into East Africa more than doubled in 2019 buoyed by China’s increased interest in the region’s manufacturing, resources, construction and services sector. EAC’s Trade and Investment Report (2019) shows that FDIs into the region surged to $11.5 billion in 2019 from $5.7 billion in 2018.

According to the report China was the largest investor in 2019, accounting for 59.7 percent of the total FDI inflows into the region ($7b), with significant realised investments in construction, manufacturing and services.

Inflows to Uganda increased by almost 20 percent mainly on account of investments in the extractives sector as well as major infrastructure projects like power dams and roads.

Liberalized and strong economy in the region. Kenya is the largest and the most advanced economy in East and Central Africa; with strong growth prospects supported by an emerging, urban middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value goods and services. Kenya has received sh488.82 billion financial support from China since 1964 when bilateral relations between the two countries begun.

Digital business transformation services

Forrester recommends that to find the right transformation partner, digital business transformation customers should look for providers that will put skin in the game as a transformation partner; combine industry, technology, and organizational expertise into outcome delivery; and accelerate time-to-value with (usable) software assets. Their research "teases out important differences to help buyers evaluate which vendors could be a strong partner."

Bluegate is top-ranked in the following criteria:

Operational transformation

Technology transformation

Bluegate achieves the highest possible score in the following criteria:

Digital business transformation vision

Accelerator asset development

Partner ecosystem

Thought leadership and market influence

BI Analytics and Geomarketing

Bluegate Business Solutions has created a market research BI Analytics and Geomarketing platform for Kenyan market, that delivers actionable insights and achieve real business outcomes. We have an eye for detail in both quantitative and qualitative data processes, always linked to the real locations. This ensures that the quality of data generated provides the richest insights that translate into actionable outcomes for clients.

We serve the retail industry with research, analytics and consultancy services to ensure our clients remain competitive and profitable.

Ideas that make an impact

From insights to action, the path to 360° value starts here. As we continue to outmaneuver the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, companies must build the "next normal". Companies can use innovative technologies to identify new ways to reach consumers and build enterprise resilience. Our technology innovation capabilities can help you craft a long-term vision, architect the right solutions for the journey, and ensure your investments for today’s "life raft" are part of building tomorrow’s competitive advantage.

Location Planning for Retail Business

Retailers are faced with huge challenges. The Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) concluded in a study: “The most important factor for ensuring the success of a retail distribution channel is (…) selecting the ‘right’, in other words future-proof, location.”

Future-proof means that the location will be profitable in the long run. Simply choosing a prime location is therefore not necessarily the best solution. They are expensive and the rent prices continue to rise. Furthermore, stores in prime locations are not necessarily optimal for reaching the intended target group. Today’s conditions require retailers to pay close consideration to the location factor and to analyze locations objectively.

Geomarketing provides the necessary tools for a future-proof location strategy and WIGeoGIS offers all the necessary building blocks from a single source: the BluegateGeocoder for the localization of business, customer and competitor addresses, PrismaBI for comprehensive location reports in just 3 steps and desktop software for complex analyses including supplementary market data, areas of influence, multivariable and statistical geodata queries, and much more.

Enterprise solutions for your business

Automotive, industrial, consumer goods, life sciences, retail and travel companies are among those striving to solve specific industry challenges, but disruptive technology (such as cloud, cognitive and digital) impacts their IT ecosystem and workforce—making it difficult to create and bring innovative solutions to the market quickly.

Bluegate’s technology consulting team provides the gears that help clients overcome the challenges associated with two-speed IT. We understand new disruptive technology and we have the skills, tools and methods to help you gain speed and agility while integrating and maintaining traditional IT. Our technology consultants work end-to-end across all IT dimensions, from strategy to architecture to digital, we deliver transformative outcomes.

Our Services

IT Consulting

In an increasingly complex world, we help intricate systems function, adapt and evolve so they can benefit communities and society – whether they are capital markets, tax systems or the economic systems within which business and society exist. We help our clients to make informed decisions and operate effectively within them.


Bluegate uses a hybrid digital protocol designed to be flexible, adaptable, accessible and lightweight, with a focus on solving real world economic problems. Product lifecycle management, supply chain process control, data deposit, data certification, and process certification. Any sized business, no matter how large or small, can utilize blockchain technology to further enhance brand perception and value as well as to expand into new business models.


Measure sucess with Bluegate Power Business Intelligence applications. We build powerful end-to-end business solutions by connecting BI across the entire Bluegate BI Platform—and to Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps—to drive innovation across your entire organization.

Digital Verification

Storage of documents has become a very important thing in our current lifestyle. With this rising importance of documents, the theft and forgery of documents is also increasing. There is a very great need for the protection and authentication of documents to keep it from being destroyed, manipulated or forged. We provide descentralized blockchain solutions to secure documents. Blockchain is transparent, open and accesible to everybody, immutable, and secure, powered by strong cryptography.

IoT Traceability

By leveraging blockchain and IoT technology, the logistics industry solution provided by Bluegate enables the participants to record the core data arising from transportation. The data collected will be stored on the Bluegate Blockchain, thus making it possible to create new logistics and business models. In addition, various digital value-added services can be provided based on the data stored on the blockchain.

Product lifecycle

Bluegate uses blockchain and Smart Tag(NFC/RFID/QR Code) to implement the traceability of retail products' entire lifecycle management. End consumers can check and verify a product's information via the Bluegate Pro mobile app (or client-integrated SDK). The retail solution can also contribute to effective channel management, after-sales service, and convenient financial services such as insurance for high value goods.

Our Partners

The “always on” economy requires that businesses meet the demands of digital customers while at the same time making a successful transition to a digital business. Bluegate’s technology consulting team seamlessly integrates all IT components, such as analytics, mobile and ERP, so our clients can become a connected digital enterprise. Bluegate offers complete, integrated digital business and technology services—digital marketing, mobility and analytics—to deliver tangible results for the virtual world. Digital helps our clients to increase profitable growth and customer satisfaction across segments of their business, including: Customer experience, sales and marketing, customer acquisition and campaign management, content management, commerce, and customer service and loyalty.