Project name:

J&J ECI BI Analytics

Project description:

bluegate BIJ&J ECI Analytics – Bluegate Business Intelligence tools.

The Challenge: create and Online, real time solution to easily manage, analyze, report, distribute all sales informacion for all Brands and Products of Johnson&Johnson in El Corte Inglés, Spain. 4 years of information, near 5 million records related to 1514 malls in Spain and 5298 material brands with its hierarchy.

Bluegate Business Solutions developed and maintain a Business Intelligence real time solution for Johnson & Johnson, managing 4.7 million sales records with full detail. The system analyze all this sales, in real time, without delay for the user, within 1514 ECI Malls, cross analyzing all the information for 5298 Material Brands and all its Hierarchy.

All this huge cross-related information can be filtered for any field (26 filters) searched and cross related from the top country analysis to the minimum detail by brand and date, from Jan 2017 up to date. And the information is analyzed in real time for the user, even in a mobile phone. No delays. No query process. Just click and drillthrough. 

The system shows in real time Current Year data VS Last year, for all variables, brands, malls, locations, categories and periods of time. Accesible to the user even in a mobile phone and just selecting any part of the graphics in the screen.

We have developed different views to compare sales from the Location point of view, by Shop, by Brand, by Category,  with the ability to drill down from the global figure to the single transaction in a cashier for a single product.

Finaly, all the maintenance tools are available to the client to generate new analysis views for new products or shops just updating the new codes in the system. Upload and see. Simple.

Our forecast tools also look into the 4 years transactions database to create sales forecasts and trends for each single product/category/brand/total sales for the next 6 months.

For developing this solution for such huge challenge Bluegate team selected PowerBI platforms from Microsoft.