Project name:

Johnson & Johnson Synergy

Project description:


E2E promotions management for 25 Countries (EMEA)




The Challenge:

Provide a comprehensive and holistic End to End project management tool for 25 markets (EMEA) that automatises the shopper brief and consolidate all the documentation required to complete the project

Meet J&J Consumer needs to streamline and reduce the timelines to execute the projects for POSM and Customization materials and get visibility on the initiatives in the region to be able to consolidate volumes.

The solution:

A new whole flexible development using ANGULAR and Symphony called Synergy (Evolution of our tool  PromoTracker(c) that was already working in Spain and Portugal for several years) providing

  • Dashboard & Project Management component (holistic End to End project management tool) including Gannt control and Report repositories
  • Milestone & Task manager component (workflow and visibility on the initiatives in the region) Ready for Agile Project Management Methodology
  • eMail integration, workgroups, alerts, users, departments, roles (Automating of communication between departements )
  • Complete repository component for all the documentation required (consolidate all the documentation required to complete theprojects) PDF generator to compile all physical requirements (including final arts, palletization, logitcs, tests, samples, labels, codes, etc)
  • Roles security management: groups, frontoffice roles, cluster permission system, management and security
  • Custom and robust CMS and Project Management Backoffice. Multicountry, Multilanguage, Role behavior backoffice management and control.
  • Full responsive, ready to mobile APP for IOS© Android© and Microsoft© operating systems
  • Open Source: Standard and Safe code Symphony design, final property of PromoTracker© License and source code is J&J Consumer
  • J&J DARM security compliance
  • Automation of datasources, connections and tasks with external providers including SAP

PromoTracker offers expansion and customization without limits: Roles, Profiles, Countries Markets or Clusters, Projects, Divisions, Workflows, Documents, Components, Connections, Security, Updates, Report needs, Workflow, Alerts, Languages… So we decided to move forward and develop our tool to a next stage.