Project name:

Telco – RadarCar

Project description:

RadarCar – Advanced CRM system for Client’s vehicle fleet and services management

BI CRM system that connects and improves the relationship within your Clients and their providers in the Automotive sector. RadarCar builds the relationship model within your current and potential clients and the concesionaries, developing opportunities, recurring actions, cross selling leads, directly to your Call Center agents. This system improves exponencially the agents effectiveness, in all stages of the sales process: from Lead recruitment to Client’s vehicle renewals.

Lead qualification

Your sales force don’t have a minute to lose. Get real sales opportunities from the records generated by category, region, brand, contract type, model, fuel, added value services, qualifying and linking all the information before it reach your sales department.
Its digital links use search engines target campaigns to reach exactly the potential clients on Internet, developing Digital Capture Marketing Campaigns.
Telco RadarCar system links potential leads, demand, with the premium offer available in each regioc, model, segment and contract specification. Turning each lead into dynamic tests of the vehicle or arranged visits to the right dealers.

Fleetsbluegate telco radarcar
From segmented databases, get companies interested in vehicle fleet services, to which to transfer information and arrange a commercial visit.

Contact those customers who are in their fourth year or higher, to generate interest and start preparing to renew their vehicle. Present the new models of the brand, quote your current vehicle, propose payment methods that adapt to the current ones, renew their insurance, etc.

Services Cross Selling
Insurance, payment methods, renting, etc. Let us strengthen the target in the qualification of leads, or in the “renewal”, “second-hand”, or “fleets”, offering everything that is needed for your business.

bluegate telco radarcarIncrease satisfaction
Anticipate, know the opinion of your customers to increase their satisfaction before brand surveys and improve your results.

Vehicles Maintenance

Our Automotive CRM provides a Service control model to manage and automatically handle: periodic reviews, preITV, special campaigns, etc. You have many reasons to contact your clients and we are specialists in making it a positive experience.

Your garage always full
From the vehicles technical maintenance specialists, RadarCar Garage and technical service modules control the requests and the communication with your clients and their maintenance garages, to build a relationship model that ensures their satisfaction and loyalty.
Warranty extension Communicating to the client that they can extend their guarantee by two more years at the right time, ensures a high percentage of positives. Let us show you that we can improve your results.

Customer Service
RadarCar system is the centralized communication channel. Your workshop appointments and special campaigns, attended from all possible communication channels, (telephone, email, Web, SMS, WhatsApp, social networks, etc.), with rigorous monitoring to achieve the best results.

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